Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Celebrating Life with a Stranger...

I raise my glass to you Stranger, for without you I would have remained blind forever...
The heat had abated a little that evening and the cool breeze on my face felt wonderful. I miss my hometown where the rains had been frequent and generous, where the winters gave way to lush springs and beautiful summers, and where the sun would peak behind from clouds to encase us in its moderate sunshine. The sun in the city isn't as generous and I have been finding it increasingly difficult to venture out into the heat. But that evening the Gods above had finally shown mercy and the winds decided to blow all evening long.
 I was returning home after a hectic brainstorming session with my friends over studies and I felt oddly restless and down. Life in the city isn't easy and living away from home can take its toll when often, things refuse to work out in your favour. I decided to walk rather than take the auto and the exercise felt relieving to my senses. The roads too were strangely silent that day with little traffic and the few cars that zoomed past showered me with welcome air, their engines vibrating smoothly.
I was lost in my own thoughts, walking lethargically, enjoying the work out after a long time. The footpath was uneven and gravels lay in chunks here and there and I tripped a couple of times when I noticed a man beside me.  Hands outstretched, with a walking stick in his right hand and black glasses he was carefully gauging his steps as he cautiously lay one foot ahead of the other. He was blind...
The sight left me stunned...Seeing this stranger on the broad wide street making his way all alone to some unknown destination left me speechless. For a moment all my thought processes stood standstill as I looked at this beautiful brave man, unafraid yet unsure, steadily walking through those uneven roads as countless wide eyed men walked past.
I walked upto this stranger and asked, ’Do you need help Sir?’
‘Oh...So kind of you to ask. Can you please tell me exactly where I’m?’ His voice had a soothing ring to it, a kind of peace that touched my soul and took away the day’s exhaustion with it.
‘You are standing just beside the petrol pump at Chowrasta Sir’, I replied.
‘Thank you so much... I’m actually headed to the Calcutta Blind School. I’m already nearby I see.’
For a moment I hesitated and then I offered to walk him to CBS. And as I walked slowly, guiding him through those rough streets, I felt wonderful. For the first time that summer the heat, the city and its unruly crudity, life and its harsh lessons stood at bay. I was untouched by it all. I encounter numerous people in the city yet this man touched something deep within me. He talked of life as if it were a feisty lovely gift that needs to be savoured and lived joyously. His unwavering courage and untainted faith made me question a lot of things about myself.
I left him at the gates of CBS. Before leaving I saw this man take hold of the hands of an old blind lady and offering to take her inside. Chivalrous and blind...
I salute you stranger for you opened my eyes to something beyond myself. Your courage and joy, your infectious faith and hope in all things worldly and unworldly, the hues of life you believe in even if you can’t see them and your daring to fight against all odds are rare and contagious gifts. They touched my life and gave it a whole new meaning. Your brilliance inspires me to be something more than I’m meant to be, your joy inspires me to live life brave and unabashed.
I raise my glass to you Stranger, for you have inspired me like no other...

I raise my glass to you Stranger, for you deserve no less... 

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  1. More often than not we meet strangers who teach and inspire us like no one we know! I call them blessings :)

    Lovely post!

    1. Thank you so much!! Coming from you that means a lot.. :D

  2. Yet another Piece of epiphany frm u. Kip it up

  3. Yet another Piece of epiphany frm u. Kip it up

  4. Hats off to your narrative skills and the content as well...:)


  6. very well written.... truly inspiring...

  7. i am touched with your words... we meet strangers but not all make others feel the words like you did...
    loved your life experience (personal) :D

    1. I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks and welcome to my blog.. :)


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