Thursday, 27 February 2014

3 Things That Inspire Me About Sachin!!

We all have big dreams but ofcourse most of us do not have the guts to follow our dreams, to cherish and keep alive the uniqueness that defines us. Three things that inspire me about Sachin? I would say just three isn't enough. A man who had the guts to follow his own passion, to do what his heart wished and inspire millions in the process is a legend. And in this world of mortals he is a God! The God of Cricket!
What I really see when I see him? His courage to follow his own dream and have the patience to see it through. To be bold enough and not worry about anything else but fulfilling that one purpose that has stirred the masses and made them worship the ground he walks on.
Another thing that I love about Sachin is his single minded focus. He is the only cricketer I believe to have retained an untarnished public image in the celebrity world. He is the very image of a trusted brand, a royal tiger untouched by the black stains of glamour that continuously haunts his world. He commands respect and his parting speech honestly moved me to tears. He took the time to thank every member in his life who had contributed to his immense success. And his respect for his soil, the ground that made him proves that he is a man of substance and true worth.
Ofcourse how can I forget!!Am a romantic and I cannot help but mention that his marriage to Anjali Tendulkar who is 7 years older than him affected me greatly and revived my faith in love. To all you romantics out there let me tell you he is an inspiration!!

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(Written as part of the Speed Blogging Contest organised by Aviva Life Insurance at the Aviva Bloggers Meet.)


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