Wednesday, 5 February 2014

360 degrees..

I looked into his eyes as I fired the shot. There was no fear, no regret. The bullet ripped through his innards and his eyelids closed over those intrepid brown pools. And as his lifeless wrinkled body hit the mattress, I hurriedly stocked all his valuables into my backpack and left the place. As I jumped off the window and hit the solid ground with a loud thud, my eyes flew open and a deep silent night greeted me. I could hear distant barks and my own ears picked up almost inaudible scraps and skittering around. I looked behind me at the ivy covered, melancholy bungalow from the dream. My master lay asleep upstairs while I stood sentinel on the grounds, my eyes luminous and fiery in the dark.
The dream had haunted me ever since my master had rescued me from those vicious stray of my kind on the streets. My feeble young body, bruised and bloody, had lain in the cold, shivering from the aftermath of their assault when master had cocooned me in his warm embrace and brought me to this refuge of his ancestors. This melancholy bungalow became my domicile while master’s father (looking down with a deep contempt from the painting in the central passage) started haunting my dreams. An old wrinkled man who looked back at me with scorn while I murdered him in cold blood. The dream felt so real and familiar that it always left me with an inexplicable remorse, an eerie qualm that unsettled my peace and quiet.
Lost in this reverie, I shot up almost instantly as a strange scent rippled through my nostrils. My ears pricked and my senses instantly went on alert. Muffled footsteps, treading carefully inside the house, the smell unfamiliar and dangerous, had triggered my hyperactive senses and I immediately made for my master’s room. I ran like a lunatic, my heart beat roaring in my ears as a familiar bloodlust mugged my senses. Adrenaline and fear rushed to the surface and blurred my morals. I would tear away the intruder’s flesh, shred it to pieces and taste his blood.
 As I tore into master’s bedroom and leapt on the bed, placing myself between my master and this stranger, I looked into the thief’s eyes. There was no remorse in those desperate pools while mine looked back unflinchingly without any fear, without regrets. As I bared my teeth, he fired the shot. The bullet ripped through my innards and my eyelids slowly closed over my luminous fearless eyes. And as my lifeless body hit the mattress, the thief stocked all my master’s valuables into his backpack and jumped off the window.


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