Thursday, 12 June 2014

Torrents of Joy!!

As the winds howl with unworldly roars
And the clouds darken with might
You unchain the shackles of long closed doors
And unleash torrents this wondrous night

The pools ripple with unbridled joy
The walls drench to your touch
As lovers welcome heaven’s envoy
And pleasures yet in their clutch

Lips soaked in your sweet nectar
Words rush to the soul
So long denied such worldly wonder
And delights but untold...

Peace enfolds my parched heart
Cold soothes bruises scorched
You shower such bliss and joyous darts
And decry faith reproached

For solace can yet be found in darkness
And comfort in dreaded cold
Just stretch your hands in holy unconsciousness
And embrace joy tenfold..


  1. I so love the rhyming scheme you have here! Beautiful :)

  2. Right from the choice of words to the content and the rhyme scheme, a wonderful poem. Loved the read.

    1. Thanks Anirudh.. :) And welcome to my blog!!

  3. My my!, I read and re read this one, flawless I must say..

  4. I have nominated your blog for the sunshine blog award. I hope you accept it.:)

  5. Thanks Sanjay and welcome to my blog.. :)


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