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The cave smelled of blood and death, whilst her eyes glowed luminous with determination as she craved to bury her claws into his throat the way he had done to their child. Her beautiful child, his son, who had paid with his life so that his father, the King of the Forest, may retain his throne without the terror of succession looming over that old yet glorious mane. She bared her teeth, retribution for all her sons burning all reason away as she slashed her claws through his hide, burying them deep into his heart as he roared with pain, the unexpected assault muddling his senses.

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 She clawed and raged and snarled until all that was left was a hideous corpse as ugly as the father who had killed his sons. She left his body there, until it faded into oblivion, insignificant and trivial against the mighty winds of Nature.

Written as part of the Five Sentence Fiction prompt.
Word Prompt: Luminous


  1. Nature's fury. Mom's revenge nicely portrayed, Anu.

  2. very different take on the prompt and a very intriguing one too.

    1. Glad you liked it dear.. And welcome to my blog. :)

  3. Nicely done & different perspective on the take! Good wishes.

  4. Thats wild imagination.. Nicely done!! :)

  5. Well portrayed and wonderful take on the prompt :)


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