Friday, 1 August 2014

The Monster

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She lay there moaning with pain
A giant, ugly and worn
Whilst the forest danced in silence
And I stood baffled, forlorn

‘O sweet human, help me out
For I’m a great deal in pain
The thorn yet kills my feet
I do not do this to feign’

‘How do I know your intentions?
You may yet slay me alive
A monster, yes, that’s what you are’
My fear now fresh and rife

‘You are lost, O puny human
And I can show you the way
The forest is wild and dangerous
Now come, do as I say’

I trod like a brave warrior
For a bargain has been struck
My faith drives me to remove her thorn
And alas! Then all goes dark

O foolish! Foolish little me!
A prisoner, that’s all I’m now
As she laughs and screams and strikes
To her unholy whims I bow

‘O mistress, haven’t I pleased you enough?
I have washed, cooked and cleaned
Listened to your tales of woe at night
And kept you happy as you deemed’

But a slave has no right to plead
And still further, justify her cause
Freedom can change the weakest of hearts
So I sit and pray and pause

Until one day, she lies sad and gloomy
And lost in gloomier thoughts
And sips the wine to numb the pain
As I fill her wine-brimmed pots

Her snores soon fill the cave
And I rush out crazed and wild
Her map lying secure in my bags
Away from the monstrous child

The dark nights pass me by
As I walk for days, now lost
Her fear but keeps me going
And freedom, and it’s cost

Hungry, worn and ugly
I find at last what I seek
The salvation to my way
The opening in the creek

I jump as magic enfolds me
And light soon blinds my sight
My body is hurled through limitless holes
And I emerge into the bright

I lie in bed baffled, forlorn
My eyes open and wide
The ceiling scorns my dreams
As distant snores mock my plight.

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  1. Nice poem. It's not a mere dream. It's an allegory for life in some ways.

  2. Lol... That is one kind of dream/nightmare to have :P
    Well-written poem :)

    Also, reminded me of Jack and the Beanstalk for some reason :O

  3. so relatable to Life ! a very nice poem !

  4. Its a ballad written in modern times

  5. Prisoners of life, aren't we?

    Nice poem.

  6. Nice words, Anu, with deep meaning :)


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