Thursday, 8 May 2014


Aladdin was both scared and terrified, for beyond those huge ornate doors lay the treasure that had haunted his thoughts, stolen his peace of mind, robbed him of his family and torn everything apart with it. He had lain awake day and night puzzling over the map, the lamp burning dimly till the wee hours of the morning whilst he pondered over its innumerable intricacies until his obsession had dulled out everything but dreams of gold. And here he was at last; unlocking the doors he carefully stepped inside as the doors closed softly on their own and golden shine blinded him with lust and greedy frenzy.

Laden with brilliant gold, priceless treasures and glittering gems Aladdin now fished out the map from his pocket on which was inscribed the magic incantation that would yet again unlock the mighty doors and herald in the sounds of a richer life beyond...But the map had gone mysteriously blank, entrapping him inside forever.

Written as part of the Five Sentence Fiction prompt.
Word Prompt: Doors
(Inspired by The Arabian Nights)


  1. Looks like we have new dark Scheherazade over here! Let's hope that you survive for more than a thousand and one nights to delight us with your tales.

  2. He who hesitates is lost. Aladdin should have not hesitated in memorizing the special incantation. It had been the sheer greed of possessing the golden treasure, or even a small part of it, which had created the downfall he now had to face. WELL DONE !!! :-D :-D :-D.

    1. I agree with you Robin.. Greed often blinds people and Aladdin too became a victim of his own insatiable greed. Thanks!!

  3. Ouch! And now he was trapped.

    Brilliant brilliant take :)

  4. I agree with Avikd, a tale full of imagery!

  5. Greed is like fire which burns the one from which it initiated

    Broken Doors - Five Sentence Fiction

  6. Could almost feel the map in my hands, great descriptive writing :)

  7. You're reading along, enjoying the wonderful imagery and then BAM! You nail us with that ending. Well done!!

    D.B. McNicol
    Romance & Mystery...writing my life

  8. What a fabulous descriptive tale you have woven; full of imagery, lust and greed. x

  9. Greed is not a good thing. Guess he found that out.

  10. What's riches without family and friends. Well written.

  11. Such cruelty! Stranding your character inside a golden vault with a blank map? Not fair...

    Although, quite an irony I must say. You definitely know how to handle irony...


  12. Hehe... Thanks for the compliment!! :D


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