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All Things Black and Beautiful..

As a child when I had first discovered the joy of giving form to the various images filling my yet tender mind, my little hands would struggle to clutch the precariously placed crayons my mother softly slipped between my fingers. Back then, I would splash the white pages with colour and watch fascinated as the images in my mind took distorted, innocent forms while my mother smiled seeing the rapture on my face. As I grew up, the images became more concrete and discernible and my mind grew an unprecedented affinity for the colour black. Every art for me was incomplete without its dark hue outlining the features of the running horse, the jumping clown or the solitary woman seeking solace amidst the rain. And now, as a woman, art finds form in the black kohl outlining my eyes and the painted nails peeping out from my shoes. Like the solitary woman in the rain, my life too seeks warmth in its dark shade, in the black ink that slowly fills the screen while words flow unbidden into my mind as I trod down the memory lane.
So here follows my ultimate wish-list, dedicated to the dramatic and glorious colour black!

(The Lost Black Watch)
I was always fascinated by watches though I never owned one of my own until my cousin decided to gift me a beautiful black belted watch while I was in high school. I was 15 years old then. For me it meant the world. I would repeatedly sneak glances in the midst of classes to check the time only to find myself admiring the contrast between the watch and my pale skin. The display too was done entirely in black with a thin silver border outlining the rectangular dial. To me, it was a constant companion, adorning my wrists wherever I went. Strange how we get so emotionally attached to those first treasured trinkets, don’t we? I lost it after three months. In my heart I knew it had been stolen but I had no definite proof and couldn't muster enough courage to confront the thief. I have owned innumerable watches after that, expensive and stunning ones too, yet that one simple black watch remains close to my heart.
A black thing I want to own? A watch, beautiful and simple like the one I owned; a black watch breathtakingly alike in all its glory adorning my wrists like it did so many years ago.

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(My Collection of Short Stories, its cover done entirely in black)
It is a writer’s ultimate dream to see her works published and so is mine. I often look at the innumerable books tucked neatly in my shelf and wonder if I’ll ever make it to the shelf. Maybe, like many others, my dream too shall die or it may rise up from the burnt ashes like a phoenix to consume me in its wonder and ultimately find its way there. And I can die a happy and fulfilled woman. So yes, I would like to own a copy of Anusree’s Collection of Short Stories, its cover done entirely in black with a solitary woman standing on a hill, knowing her solitude is just an illusion while she rejoices being on top of the world.

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 (Batman’s Bike!!)
Remember that look of disbelief and awe when you watched Batman do that awesome flip with his bike as The Joker smiled evilly whilst fleeing from prison? Or the excitement as Anne Hathaway raced the bike in style as you sat on the edge of your seat wondering if Gotham would really burn to ashes? To be honest I still can’t get enough of the series. Those jet black tires doing an unbelievable 360 degree rotation and challenging the laws of physics and that bike itself!! If there is one out there like that, it is definitely on my list of black things!
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(Robes in Black)
My childhood was magical with wizards and witches flooding my imagination and owls, toads, cats and dragons being my idea of pets. Thanks to Rowling, she gave us Potter-maniacs hope and joy and made our childhood so much more beautiful. I cheered with the Gryffindors during Quidditch, rejoiced with them at the Triwizard Tournament, cried with Harry after Sirius died, sighed exasperatedly at Ron with Hermione and lived every wonderful moment at Hogwarts. I miss my childhood, I miss Hogwarts.
So another black thing on my list? A black robe with the miniature red lion of Gryffindor sewn intricately into the right side, to give me strength at the darkest of times and help me relive those past magical moments.
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(Black Stilettos!)
And now, it’s time to indulge the woman within. Shoes are fascinating to women and ofcourse, I’m no exception. It’s strange how that one object can stimulate our brains and start fireworks up there! They say a woman armed with the right shoes and the right attitude can rule the world (wink!). And hence my ultimate black fantasy is a pair of stilettos which topped with the right attitude might actually help me rule the world someday (grinning)!

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